High School Racing and Evening Race Training
All School prices include HST

High School Racing

Our 2023-2024 Skiing in Schools Brochure is available online. Click here and then click on the Skiing In Schools Brochure link at the top of the page.

Call 613-624-5290 or 613-624-5202 or email sis@mountpakenham.com FOR PRICING

Reserve Early
Reserving is easy. Choose your dates and give us a call or make a reservation using our online reservation system . We will email you a login for our easy to use online roster system needed if you have any students renting equipment. We ask you to complete the trip roster (name, age, sex, height, weight and foot size) 14 days prior to your trip date to enable us to pre-set skis and bindings to maximize ski time. Last minute add-ons will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis.


Mount Pakenham offers many youth development programs which lead to great employment opportunities. For more information please contact our snow school at snowschool@mountpakenham.com


Mount Pakenham can help with Student Success. Twenty years ago Mount Pakenham and Wilderness Tours were chosen to provide the practical portion of Algonquin College's prestigious and popular Outdoor Adventure Diploma Program. This 2 year program combines the Fall Semester at Wilderness Tours and the Winter Semester at Mount Pakenham.

Students are taught skiing, snowboarding, x-country skiing along with ice climbing, survival, etc. High Schools coming to Mount Pakenham will experience sports just like the Algonquin College program but commensurate with the age difference.

Following strict guidelines set out by Ontario Snow Resorts Association and Ontario School Board Insurance Exchange, our Skiing in Schools programs provide a fun and safe learning opportunity.

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