Mount Pakenham tops the region as THE destination for school trips. Our Skiing in Schools programs provide a fun and safe learning opportunity for all ability levels.
Rates are for school groups OR ANY ORGANIZED STUDENT GROUP of 15 or more (scouts, hockey team, friends/neighbours) offered Tues-Fri except Christmas and March Break Holidays. Our program is designed for ages 7 and up. We do offer lesson options for younger students by advance booking.

Day Schools

Please note that 2020-2021 season will have limited indoor seating in the lodge to meet physical distancing requirements. Face coverings are required inside the lodge at all times until you are seated to eat/drink/warmup. If necessary and mandated by authorities, we may not be able to allow eating/drinking inside. Food and drinks will be available from our outside BarBQ and as Takeout from our cafeteria, and you may have to eat outside at a picnic table.

Outdoor Recreation through Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, and Tubing

Mount Pakenham is Eastern Ontario’s top destination for school programs. With over 35 years of experience; an innovative Station Teaching Format for beginners; a Graduated Lift Access Program to ensure student safety; a sophisticated pre set rental assignment program for our top of the line equipment; and an easy to use online roster system , teachers choose Mount Pakenham for simplicity, safety, fun and learning. Let us work with you to ensure the success of your school outing. Our Outdoor Recreation through Skiing and Snowboarding in Schools Video is available to help you and your students prepare for your trip.


  • FUN






  • WOW PROGRAM...Snowshoeing on our Adventure Trail

Our 2020-2021 Skiing in Schools Brochure is available online. Click here and then click on the Skiing In Schools Brochure link at the top of the page. 2020-2021 regular rates for a lift ticket + lesson + rental equipment are $38 (includes all tax) for a day trip and $38 (includes all tax) for a night trip. We offer price break weeks Dec 17th-18th and Jan 5th-15th. Tubing cost is $15/student (tax included) and Winter Outdoor Wonder is $18/student(tax included).
For 2020-2021 all prices include HST.

Reserve Early

Reserving is easy. Choose your dates and give us a call or make a reservation using our online reservation system . We will email you a login for our easy to use online roster system for groups that are skiing or snowboarding. We ask you to complete the trip roster (name, age, sex, height, weight and foot size) 14 days prior to your trip date to enable us to pre-set skis and bindings to maximize ski time. Last minute add ons will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis.

Call 613-624-5290 or 613-624-5202 or email

Safety and Outdoor Recreation

We can assure you our Outdoor Recreation through Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing and Tubing will meet and exceed the overall and specific expectations outlined in the Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

It is our policy to ensure that our programs stand behind and follow the safety guidelines set forth by your Board, the Ministry of Education, Ontario Ski Resorts Association and especially the Physical Education Ontario Safety Guidelines recommended by the Ontario School Boards’ Insurance Exchange (OSBIE).
Day visits require that students take a lesson (lessons are optional for night ski clubs).

What We Offer

  • All Snow School lessons are designed and delivered under the guidelines of the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance and Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors.

  • Canadian Ski Patrol Systems members are onsite at all times to provide first aid and ensure safe practices and Alpine Responsibility Code rules are being followed.

  • Snow Tubing )if open this winter)...students earn their fun with a short hike up and an exhilarating slide down. Choose from Tubing only or try our Winter Outdoor Wonder Program(WOW); designed to complement the social studies curriculum offering; snowshoeing, control style orienteering, animal and nature trivia, and more! This program also includes use of our tube park (if open), and our popular Scat and Track Trail. Both Tubing and WOW programs are designed to meet Ontario’s physical education curriculum standards.

  • 10 main alpine runs clearly marked for degree of difficulty; 6 lifts including 3 Quad Chairlifts and a Carpet Lift; a Tube Park and Snowshoe area to service our WOW program; Upgraded snowmaking equipment and nightly trail grooming enable us to provide quality skiing and snowboarding under all weather conditions. If a school must cancel because the buses are not running, an alternate date will be provided.

  • Cafeteria with a full menu, ranging from burgers, salads, soup, and sandwiches to wraps, hotdogs and pizza, all reasonably priced

  • Night Skiing allows for the ultimate in time flexibility. Your school can enjoy Mount Pakenham from 9am to 9pm Tuesday to Friday

  • **NEW**Rental/Repair Shop with sophisticated computer programming that allows us to pre-set bindings and assign skis before you arrive to maximize ski time. Mount Pakenham’s top of the line equipment has been chosen so that students will have the means to succeed in the quickest and safest possible way. We have a large rental fleet of shaped skis, snowboards, boots, helmets, and snowshoe equipment.
    Helmets are mandatory for Students and strongly recommended for Teachers/Parent Volunteers (helmets are included with rental equipment)

  • Coin lockers and lockable ski racks for valuables.

  • Gift Shop for souvenirs and coupons for discounts of students’ next visit.

  • 1 free supervisor lift ticket for every 10 student lift tickets purchased and a great incentive package.


Conveniently located only 25 minutes west of Kanata, Mount Pakenham is just a short drive from most schools. Less time driving means more time on the slopes. Please click here for directions

The Price is Right

Compare our prices. Mount Pakenham gives you good value for your dollar. One stop shopping at its best.

The Complete Package

Mount Pakenham offers alpine skiing, racing, snowboarding and snow tubing, snowshoeing and special needs instruction. Something for everyone! Bring the whole class! Your outing can include some students skiing and others snowshoeing.

A Day at Mount Pakenham...

Upon arrival, students are provided with personalized lift tickets and receive a safety briefing.

Skiers/Snowboarders requiring rental equipment are issued pre-assigned skis/boards and ski/snowboard boots as well as a helmet,

Students who have skied/snowboarded before are assessed and assigned a lesson time.

Beginner students will go directly to the Stations at the Learning Centre where they will receive instruction and will be able to learn at their own pace. Each student will receive a minimum of 1 hour of instruction and many students may progress enough to be able to access more advanced terrain even on their first visit.

Our Learning Centre includes surface lifts (handle tow, moving carpet lift, and rope tow) and a variety of fun skiing options after the lesson. There is also an assessment station to enable qualified skiers to graduate from the Learning Centre and use the chair lifts.

At the end of the snow day, equipment is returned to the Rental Shop.

One Day Trip

The one day trip is a full day, including a minimum 55 minute lesson plus a chairlift readiness assessment, of either skiing or snowboarding. The lesson prepares the students to safely advance at their own pace throughout the day. Schools can book one or more visits to suit their needs. We recommend 2 to 5 ski/board trips to fully benefit from the lesson progression.

Night Trip

This is a full evening of skiing or snowboarding, starting anytime after 3:30pm. Group Lessons are available for beginner students at either 4pm, 5pm, or 6pm so students can safely advance at their own pace. Private lessons may also be reserved with advance reservation and payment.

After School Club

Great for groups of 15 or more students who are avid skiers or who just want to get out on the hill on their free time. Students, teachers or parents can organize an after school club at a super-discounted price. No lesson required.

Additional Lesson Information

Beginner Centre
Unlike traditional beginner lessons, Mount Pakenham’s Station Teaching Format allows students to develop skills at their own pace. Skiers and boarders will complete up to 7 Stations with coaching from CASI and CSIA certified instructors. After successfully completing all 7 Stations, the students are ready to use the chairlift. Students that do not complete all 7 stations can continue to practice at the Beginner Centre throughout the day. The Beginner Centre is staffed with certified pros from 9am to 1pm Tuesday to Friday with a short lunch break (times may vary based on numbers). Our Carpet Lift makes learning even easier.

Chairlift Readiness Assessment and Group Lessons
In order to ensure student safety, Mount Pakenham’s certified pros assess ALL skiers and snowboarders to determine their ability; assign a lesson time; and grant access to ability specific terrain. After successful completion of the assessment students will ski/ride safely until their assigned group lesson time (beginner lessons right away). Students will meet for their lesson at the Snow School Meeting Area where they will be assigned an instructor and given a 55 minute group lesson.

Active learning is so important for all students. Daily vigorous physical activity in schools or in community facilities is recommended in the Ontario Health & Physical Education curriculum As an organizer of a ski and snowboard day, you can work with us to implement healthy lifestyle changes in your students. Skiing, snowboarding, tubing and snowshoeing are great ways to stay fit and are things Canadians participate in well into their retirement years.

Following strict guidelines set out by Ontario Snow Resorts Association and Ontario School Board Insurance Exchange, our Skiing in Schools programs provide a fun and safe learning opportunity.

Day Schools Video

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Tips For Parents

Helpful Hints for Parents - Physical Education Through Skiing and Snowboarding

SIS Advance Reservations

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Night Schools

Night Skiing allows for the ultimate in time flexibility. Your school or After-School Club can enjoy Mount Pakenham from 3:30pm to 9pm Tuesday to Friday.

High School Racing

High School Racing and Evening Race Training
All School prices include HST this year

WOW Snowshoeing Adventure

Winter Outdoor Wonder Snowshoeing Adventure

Snow Tubing (Weekday Groups)

Snow Tubing is a great alternative or addition to your school ski trip. We are NOT offering Snow Tubing winter 2020-2021.