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Sat Dec 30th, 2017
Sun Dec 31st, 2017
Sat Feb 3rd, 2018
Sun Feb 4th, 2018


Children / Youth (ages 9-17), 5 weeks, 2pm to 3:30pm (lessons only)$141QTY

10 Week Freestyle Program
10 Week Freestyle Program
10 week freestyle program. Option available for Dec 30th or 31st start date.$253QTY
6 Pak
6 - Open to Close Tickets - Valid Anytime
6 Pak Open to Close Tickets - Regular rate $164+tax,$164QTY
Lift Package (REQUIRED for non season pass holders) - 10 Week
Pkg of Lift Tickets for 10 Week Programs - Available to Snow School Participants and immediate family when booking multi-day Snow School lessons.
Ages 6-69 10 days lift package for 10 week program students & immediate family$250QTY
Ages 3-5 10 days lift package for 10 week program students$30QTY
Lift Package (REQUIRED for non season pass holders) - 5 Day or 5 Week program
Pkg of Lift Tickets for 5 Day/ Week Programs - Available to Snow School Participants and immediate family when booking multi-day Snow School lessons.
Ages 6-69 5 days lift package$125QTY
Ages 3-5. Lift Tickets package 5 days $15QTY
Rental Package - 10 Week
Rent Skis or Snowboard for 10 Week Programs - Available to Snow School Participants and immediate family when booked with Snow School multi-day booking.
All ages 10 days rental package$180QTY
Rental Package - 5 Day or 5 Week program
Rent Skis or Snowboard for 5 Day/ Week Programs - Available to Snow School Participants and immediate family when booking with Snow School multi-day lessons.
All ages 5 days rental package$90QTY
Ski/Snowboard Locker
Lockers keep your equipment warm, dry, secure and makes skiing easy (Rental).
Season Regular Family Sized Locker (12 in x 22 in) Regular Price $115$115QTY
Season Large Family Sized Locker(15 inches x 24 inches) Regular Price $125 *SOLD OUT*$125QTY

Youth Freestyle Ski & Snowboard
Don't forget that Season Passholders age 6 and up receive a 10% discount on any multi-day Snow School Program!

FREESTYLE seems to have taken over in every sport, not only skiing and snowboarding. It is easy to understand why. Freestyle skills learned in the controlled environment of a Terrain Park can be transferred to any mountain. The Terrain Park is where today’s children and teens want to be and Mount Pakenham’s certified Freestyle and Snowpark Coaches are here to teach them how to do it properly and safely. Mount Pakenham’s trained and experienced staff will teach your child proper take off, landing and rail sliding procedures as well as park safety and etiquette. Today’s youth want freestyle skills and today’s parents know those skills will keep their children safe on the slopes.

Freestylers can choose ski or snowboard with both offered for 5 weeks. We now offer it both Saturdays and Sundays! Starting Dec 30th or 31st or Feb 3rd or 4th. It’s an action packed 90 minute group freestyle lesson per day on rails, boxes, jumps and freestyle terrain. A 10 week option is also available beginning Dec 30th or 31st.

Time 2:00 - 3:30 pm
The program is taught by certified coaches and instructors. Helmets are required. A minimum of a step 4 or higher (int./adv skier or snowboarder)

In conjunction with the CSIA and CASI Snow Park certification, Mount Pakenham has developed a lesson progression that includes skill building, knowledge, and personal tips that will help fast track students to better performance and personal accomplishments. The lessons are designed to help you meet your goals within a safe environment and process so you can enjoy the fun and challenge associated with park and pipe skiing and riding. Mount Pakenham’s instructors will teach and follow the Smart Style Terrain Park Safety Code as well as the Freestyle Terrain Responsibility Code. Managing risk is the most important component of a fun and successful park experience and Mount Pakenhams’s trained professionals will ensure that our freestyle students will learn to always put safety first.

Lessons can be tailored to a wide variety of skill levels from intermediate to experts. However, some basic skiing and riding skills are recommended as a foundation for competently riding in parks and pipes, and being ready to take on the challenge of park features and tricks. For instance, being able to straight run both forward and backward and maintaining balance while rolling over small bumps and knolls. Also being able to link turns, demonstrate flexion and extension through a full range of motion in all joints and control edges to either flatten to slide or grip to carve shows park readiness.
Previous ski or snowboard experience at Step 4 or higher is required.
5 Consecutive Saturdays or Sundays beginning Dec 30th or 31st OR Feb 3rd or 4th
A Season Pass or Lift Package is required for this program.

AVAILABLE: 2:00pm - 3:30pm

EQUIPMENT: Bring your own or rent ours
Helmets Mandatory

FINE PRINT: Snow School rates are for instruction only! Season Pass or lift packages are extra. Please add 13% HST to snow school rates. Advance reservations are required and can be made by calling Mount Pakenham at (613)-624-5290 with your Visa or Mastercard.
Bookings made less than 7 days before program start date will be subject to a $25 late booking fee.

Full refunds, less $25 administration charge, are issued only if cancellation notice is received more than 14 days prior to the start date. Cancellations within 14 days will be assigned an alternate date or credit, less $25 administration charge, at the discretion of Mount Pakenham.
Ski School Class Size
We specialize in personalized attention within classes of 3 to 10 students. We reserve right to cancel or reschedule classes. Classes less than 3 students may have a shorter lesson.