Mount Pakenham's Skiing/Snowboarding-in-Schools PRE-TRIP CHECK LIST

Pre-Trip Checklist

  • Please review the "Tips for Parents" pages of our website with your students. You may print off copies for students to take home to parents or direct parents to our website ( to print their own copy.

  • Please accurately complete ONLINE TRIP ROSTERS a minimum of 14 DAYS IN ADVANCE of your trip. Late rosters may be subject to cancellation or rescheduling.

  • The rosters must include skiing and snowboarding ability for each student, also height, weight, normal shoe size and gender for each student requiring rental equipment. Please keep in mind correct and accurate information is necessary to make the trip run smoothly.

  • Please inform students with their own skis and snowboards that proper equipment with metal and braking devices are required at all times. Equipment that does not meet safety standards is prohibited

  • "TEACHER TESTED TIP" - Try to arrange your students on the bus by ability ie: all INT/ADV on one bus, all BEG on another bus, and so on. If you have snowboarders or cross-country students, have them grouped together too. A preferred choice is to keep students on the bus by class, please notify us beforehand with list of student names and we will group the lift tickets in that order.

  • Remember, we issue one free supervisor lift ticket for every 10 paying students. So you can either subsidize your teachers/supervisors or some of your needier students. If you allow your students to try our "Snow Tubing" area remember to inform parents this option is available to students on their fun day.

  • If the driving weather for your ski day is inclement and you must postpone or cancel your ski day, please advise us by 7 am by calling our Snow School at (613) 624-5290 so we may schedule accordingly. Please keep in mind we do adapt our programs to ensure an enjoyable day no matter what the weather.

  • Parents not riding on the bus with the school will be asked to wait until you arrive as all lift tickets will be given to you and you will distribute them (please inform parents of this procedure).

  • Review with all your supervisors "TRIP DAY CHECKLIST" and "Teacher/Parent Volunteer Supervisor Help Sheet". Please encourage volunteers to review the school group information at PLEASE NOTE, students progress at different rates. Some may advance to the chairlift very quickly, where others will need more time learning the basics especially if it is their first and only visit. Please encourage students to set realistic goals.

Following strict guidelines set out by Ontario Snow Resorts Association and Ontario School Board Insurance Exchange OSBIE , our Skiing in Schools programs provide a fun and safe learning opportunity.

Thank you in advance for using this checklist!

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Volunteer / Supervisor Help Sheet

Teacher/Parent Volunteer Supervisor Help Sheet

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Dear Educator,

Thank you for choosing Mount Pakenham's "Physical Education through Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoe, and Tubing " program. We are anticipating a terrific season with great conditions.