Our BEST WEEKEND PROGRAM combines both the Jan and Feb "5 Week Programs" into one great 10 WEEK PROGRAM at terrific savings!
Starts Jan 2 or Jan 3.

10 Week Programs

The 10 week program is eligible for the Child Tax Credit. In an effort to promote healthy lifestyles, the Canadian Government has passed new legislation providing a $1000 tax credit for children aged 15 years or younger (on January ) enrolled in fitness programs. Just include our confirmation/receipt when you file your income tax and you will receive a tax credit of up to $1000.

If you want your son or daughter (or yourself) to be at home on the slopes, then this is the program. The 10 WEEK PROGRAM graduates solid skiers and snowboarders.

Mini Midget Ages 4-5 Ski Only
Mount Pakenham’s Mini Midget instructors are chosen specifically for their love and passion for teaching young children. Mount Pakenham recognizes the special learning requirements for Preoperational Stage learners (ages 4-5). We have designed our Mini Midget lessons to suit the needs of these youngsters. Our lessons consist of 1 hour of instruction with a minimum of 1 instructor and 1 assistant for every 5 children. Our Mini Midget learning area is colourful and inviting for young children and Now features a NEW CARPET LIFT. You can rest assured that your children will be in good hands.

Mini Midget Lessons are offered:
10 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays starting:
January 2nd or 3rd at either 10:30am or 2:00 pm

Clifford Mini’s Racing Ski Only
Clifford Mini’s was designed as an introduction to racing for the 5 year olds who spend hours on the slopes with Mom or Dad or who have passed levels E or F in Mount Pakenham’s popular weekend program. For more information on the 9 week Clifford Mini’s Program, please click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Midget/Rippers Ages 6-12
Midget (skiers) and Ripper (boarders) lessons are 1.5 hours in length. Instructors will focus on Safety, Fun and Learning; in that order to ensure that your children will want to come back again and again.

Midget Lessons are offered:
10 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays starting:
January 2nd or 3rd at either;
10:30am; or 2:00 pm

Ripper Lessons are offered:
10 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays starting:
January 2nd or 3rd at either;
10:30am; or 2:00 pm

Youth Ages 13-17
Youth skiers and snowboarders will benefit from 1.5 hour lessons tailored to students in the Formal Operation Stage of learning. These students will thoroughly enjoy learning in a group of peers with instructors that specialize in working with adolescents.

Youth Lessons are offered:
10 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays starting:
January 2nd or 3rd at 2:00pm

New this year Performance Program for ages 10-14
10 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays from 10:30am-12:30pm or 1:30pm-3:30pm
This 2 hour weekly program is offered to advanced and intermediate skiers only. It is a group lesson exploring Mount Pakenham's varying terrain, bumps, glades, race challenges and ski improvement in a fun environment. Starts Jan 2nd or Jan 3rd

Adult Ages 18+
Adult lessons are 1.5 hours in length and are taught by adult instructors. You can expect great learning outcomes in a fun, social atmosphere.

Adult Lessons are offered:
10 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays starting:
January 2nd or 3rd at;
10:30 am

Students are grouped according to age and ability for fast track learning. Each group is lead by a professional ski or snowboard instructor who loves sharing the magic found in snow sports. With Mount Pakenham’s certified Pros, you are guaranteed to have quality instruction no matter what program you choose. Our learning progression, exercises and drills have been developed and tested throughout the years. Mount Pakenham’s Pros follow the CSIA and CASI Step system in order to provide you with a consistent learning progression and evaluation process. Class sizes are controlled to provide each group with plenty of individual instruction and supervised practice. Class sizes may range from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 10. We welcome any questions, concerns and suggestions.

Students with Special Needs and ‘Inclusion’ in Group Ski and Snowboard Lessons
We often receive requests from schools and families to accommodate children with various challenges in group lessons.
Although schools now routinely include students with significant behavioral or emotional problems that occasionally render them disruptive, special needs students may not do well in a group ski lesson.
Students with intellectual, emotional, or behavioral challenges learn better one-on-one in a private lesson setting.
Students with physical challenges, requiring an instructor with special adaptive training should consider booking private lessons with a CADS (Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers) certified instructor.
If you need to switch your child to private lessons, please speak to a reservation agent.

Mount Pakenham Snow School Waiver

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  • Program: 90 minute group lesson (60-minute lesson for Mini-Midget only)
    for 10 wonderful weeks.
  • Available: 10 consecutive Saturdays beginning January 2nd


    10 consecutive Sundays beginning January 3rd

    10:30 am to 12 pm OR 2:00 - 3:30 pm
    10:30am or 2:00 pm for Mini Midget age 4 or 5
  • Equipment: Rental packages are available for every program.
  • Fine Print: Ski School rates are for instruction only! Season Pass or lift packages are extra. Please add 13% HST to snow school rates. Advance reservations are required and can be made by calling Mount Pakenham at 613-624-5290 with your Visa or Mastercard.
    Bookings made less than 7 days before program start date will be subject to a $25 late booking fee.

    Full refunds, less $25 administration charge, are issued only if cancellation notice is received more than 14 days prior to the start date. Cancellations within 14 days will be assigned an alternate date or credit, less $25 administration charge, at the discretion of Mount Pakenham.
    Ski School Class Size
    We specialize in personalized attention within classes of 3 to 10 students. We reserve right to cancel or reschedule classes. Classes less than 3 students may have a shorter lesson.
  • Ability Levels:Beginner - Expert


Program Pricing
Adults 10 weeks 10:30am to noon


Children / Youth 10 weeks


Mini , ages 4-5, lift ticket included, 10 weeks


Freestyle Youth (ages 6-12 and 13-17), 10 weeks, 2pm to 3:30pm


2-Hr Ski Performance Program [10 weeks] (Ages 10-14) 10:30am-12:30pm or 1:30pm-3:30pm, 2 hours/week


2-Hr Rider Performance Program [10 weeks] (Ages 10-14) 10:30am-12:30pm or 1:30pm-3:30pm, 2 hours/week


Program Options
Set of Lift Tickets for 10 Week Programs - Available to Snow School Participants and immediate family when booking multi-day Snow School lessons.
Ages 6-69


Rent Skis or Snowboard for 10 Week Programs - Available to Snow School Participants and immediate family when booked with Snow School multi-day booking.
All ages


Lockers keep your equipment warm, dry, secure and makes skiing easy (Rental).
Season Regular Family Sized Locker (12 in x 22 in) Regular price $105 Spring Meltdown price until Jun 30 - $89+tax


Season Large Family Sized Locker(15 inches x 24 inches) -Regular price $115 Spring Meltdown price until Jun 30 - $99+tax


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