6 Lift Tickets - Open to Close valid this year or next year. A great way to bring a group of family or friends and save more than 25% of your ticket costs!

6 Pak

Available for purchase from 9am - 5pm every day in season (Mon-Fri pre-season) or via our website through a prepurchase reservation( pick up on your first ski day or before). 6Paks purchased now are valid next year too. Save up to $58 off regular price! 6 Pak-Lifts regular price is only $164 + HST.
We also have 6Paks for rental equipment for $139 + tax.

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  • Program: 6 Pak - 6 Lift Tickets
  • Available: Open to Close Lift Tickets
  • Equipment: n/a
  • Fine Print: Valid for all ages, saves up to $58
  • Ability Levels:Beginner - Expert


Program Pricing
6 PAK - Open to Close Tickets- Regular Price $164+hst


6 PAK - Open to Close Rent Equipment $139.00 (+ 13% hst)


Program Options
Lockers keep your equipment warm, dry, secure and makes skiing easy (Rental).
Season Regular Family Sized Locker (12 in x 22 in) Regular Price $115


Season Large Family Sized Locker(15 inches x 24 inches) Regular Price $125 *SOLD OUT*